Welcome to the Science Department of Capital High School

Wilson_RonHello! It is my pleasure to Welcome you to the Science department of Capital High School. I am the department head Ron Wilson. I have been head of this department for two years. The mission statement for this department is to provide each student at Capital High School with a high-quality, rigorous and technologically advanced, 21st century education in order to become informed, global citizens and life-long learners.

In that time we have continued to improve out standardized test scores in science. We are ranked in the top ten in the state with science/math quiz bowl team (special thanks to Mrs. Alcazar and Mrs. Snyder). In 2008 we placed 1st in the American Chemical Society Exam- 2nd year students (county) and in 2009 we placed 2nd in the American Chemical Society Exam- 2nd year students (county). We annually have students place in the highest ranks for the state "SCORES" competition and we hosted state HSTA symposium 2007-2009.

Currently we are developing a library of "virtual chemistry labs" for student usage. We are working to bring these new experiences to our students.